Fee Schedule

Medicare rebates apply to non-cosmetic consultations and procedures


Skin Cancer and Dermatology Consultations

  • Standard Consultation/Skin Check (including digital mole mapping using Fotofinder technology)                                                   $100 (Medicare rebate $39.75)
  • Longer Consultation/Skin Check (including digital mole mapping using Fotofinder technology) 
     $140 (Medicare rebate $76.95)

Skin Cancer Procedures

  • The cost of skin cancer surgery varies with the type of procedure and its complexity and ranges from $185 – $300 out of pocket. This expense is settled in full on the day of the procedure.
  • Our practice claims your Medicare rebate on your behalf. Your Medicare rebate will be credited to your nominated bank account within 24 – 48 hours.

Cosmetic Consultations

  • All cosmetic consultations are $100 with no medicare rebate. However, this is redeemable against the total price of a treatment if done on the same day. If you book for a ‘consultation only’ option and don’t want to have a cosmetic treatment on the same day, or you aren’t suitable for a treatment, the $100 is not refundable or transferable for a future treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments


Anti-wrinkle treatments

  • Anti-wrinkle prices are based on how many ‘units’ you need to achieve a desired result in a particular area.
  • You’ll be guided during your consultation how many units are required for the look that you want. Common areas treated include the frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, lines on the bridge of the nose/’bunny’ lines, chin dimpling, down-turned corners of the mouth, and neck bands.

1 unit = $12

Filler treatments

  • Dr Michael Stapelberg will go through your specific needs, and his recommendations during your consultation to create a tailored treatment plan to best suit your features

1ml – $650

2ml – $1200

3ml – $1750