Lip fillers

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What are lip filler treatments?

One of the key differences between male and female features is the lips. For women, subtle differences in their lip shape and size compared to men help convey a more feminine look that we perceive as being more beautiful and more sensual.

Different faces and ethnicities will of course have different proportions – so understanding what makes a face and lip beautiful when combined together is a key skill that needs to be respected by injectors. The goal of lip fillers isn’t to add significant volume, it’s about maximising the key details of the lip so that they look more youthful, defined and proportioned when compared to the rest of the face.

Using dermal fillers, we can create stunning small details, better hydration, . Those who are more confident can go for more body to the lip to create stunning and even more kissable lips.

How do our lips age?

Our lips inevitably lose their once youthful plumpness as we age. The lips eventually become thinner, drier and are a tell-tell sign of ageing. Other changes occur around the mouth such as flattening of the ‘philtral columns’ – the two raised skin lines between the nose and the upper lip,  down turning of the corners of the mouth and fine lines above the upper lip.

But things are even more complicated than that – how the mouth is shaped is related to how the rest of the face

What can i expect with lip fillers?

Lip fillers are one of our most requested treatments. Whilst we get lots of requests for Kylie Jenner lips or an Angelina Jolie pout, we’ll work with your lip shape to enhance and compliment your natural features. 

Newbies to lip fillers always tell us that they are worried about looking too big or swollen – Dr Jake will work with your needs and establish your cosmetic goals before going anywhere near you with a needle. Dr Jake only stocks the top of the range lip fillers and the specific brand will be discussed during your consultation.

Lip treatment options